Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reached my 'dip'

Well, I knew it would arrive sooner or later and here it is, the feeling that everything is piling on ttop of me. Thanks to a good chinwag today at break time and a mini chocolate cake from Dave (Happy Birthday!), it made me realise things can only get better - so onwards and upwards!

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  1. Hi liz, just to let you know that ‘overwhelming feeling’ you feel is felt by us all at different periods of this’s indeed overwhelming – and you feel a bit like you are losing control.....but it is completely normal!! I felt a bit like that myself during these first few weeks here...the reading list at Warwick is totally outrageous....only accomplishable if I up sticks and moved to a desert island! However, experience had taught me that it’s all about organisation and being able to prioritise and time will feel that you begin to regain control again. On another got an exceptionally good deal on the history of childhood! Great find! GOOD LUCK xx