Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Primary teaching for me?

Having completed my third and final day at my son's primary school, I feel I can now reflect on my experience. My intention on starting the degree course has always been to qualify as a Primary school teacher (an ambition of mine which started at the tender age of 5!), so after my first day at school I was unprepared for my feelings of "I don't think I want to do this". The day started well, fully immersing myself in a role with Reception, however, the afternoon session with Year 1 took a different turn. Being given what seemed like a simple task of helping pupils completing storyboards and writing a few sentences about their stories, turned into an experience which left me feeling overwhelmed and out of my depth. I was given three of the lower ability boys (who were "distracted very easily") and having had no previous classroom experience or training, I found myself on my own, outside of the classroom, with no teacher support. Needless to say, the boys ran circles round me! Did I really want to go back for day 2?

Undeterred, I returned and spent the day with Reception. Reception was fast moving and lively, with children moving between classroom, outside and role-play areas, all the while being assessed. The daily, weekly, termly and annual planning was vast, although I was under no illusion as to the extent of planning having had both parents in the profession for over 30 years. The children were clearly enjoying themselves and had a wonderful relationship with their teacher and TA.

Day 3 was spent with Year 2 and immediately sensed a more structured format to their day. I worked with children on numeracy and reading and thoroughly enjoyed the 'marching soldier' teaching their times table. As I left on my last day, I felt as though I had come full circle knowing that this was still the career that I wanted to pursue and although the Curriculum can be restricting and target orientated, there is still huge reward in seeing children learning, achieving and enjoying.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Hello fellow bloggers

Feeling pretty happy with myself now I have completed Rachel's essay and (fingers crossed) have Fiona's presentation finished tomorrow. That will be two ticked off the list and one to go (Lin's essay!!!)

Haven't had the feedback yet though, so may not be smiling for long. Oh well, can revel in my happiness for a short while ;)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Babies deciphering accents

Thought I would add this link which I saw on BBC online which would compliment the video we saw in Fiona's lecture last week. Researchers have studied the cries of newborn babies born to German and French parents and it is suggested that the cries are imitating the sounds of the parents accents, which seems to emphasise further that babies are developing cognitively whilst in the womb.

Hope this link works. Not sure if I am adding links correctly any advice would be much appreciated!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Not quite Pavlov's dogs!!

Thought I would add this link for anyone to browse if they wished!! Although not in relation to children, it does show the link to conditioning animals by reward, in this case honey bees to detect bombs. Couldn't get The Telegraph link to work but found the same story under the url below. Slightly biased as it was my brother in law that did the research and my father in law that provided the bees!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reached my 'dip'

Well, I knew it would arrive sooner or later and here it is, the feeling that everything is piling on ttop of me. Thanks to a good chinwag today at break time and a mini chocolate cake from Dave (Happy Birthday!), it made me realise things can only get better - so onwards and upwards!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Getting there!

It's the end of the third week and I'm finally getting to grips with what's expected of us and the way we should be studying (I think!) and I can now move forward with Lin and Rachel's assignments. Have received in the post this week the Sociology "bible" and 'The Invention of Childhood' (only £3.79 on Amazon if anybody is interested in getting it!) all on Jen's recommendation from her talk last week - very inspiring:) Enjoyed the trip to Warwick this week and it hit home that I am actually a University degree student.

Oh well, back to the coffee and do a little more research (what else would I be doing on a Friday night!).

Friday, 25 September 2009

I've made it through the first week

Well, week one is now over! My apprehensions about the course have been lifted - a little :) Really like all the tutors so looking forward to getting in to the swing of things next week. Think I will need to eat three weetabix for breakfast though to match Lin's enthusiasm and energy!!! Everyone on the course is great - I feel quite at home:) And just in case it wasn't clear from my title - THIS IS MY FIRST EVER BLOG - Yippeeeeee!!!